The Alphabet of Women

The Alphabet of Women is an evolving creative beast, a moving feast, a symphony of words released. It’s the story of woman told alphabetically by 26 alliterating women poets.

In 2018 Poetica founder and poet Miriam Hechtman wrote an ode to the letter P as a poetry offering for International Women’s Day. Given its successful reception by several audiences, it was suggested that she write the whole alphabet. After some pondering, rather than it only be her story of womanhood, Miriam decided to share the alphabet with her fellow women poets and thus the Alphabet of Women was born.

Poets were challenged twofold – the anthology would be both a womanhood inquiry but also a poetic challenge using alliteration as the key. The letter was key to the words. The story was open. Poems could be anything related to women, woman, but had to use many words with the allocated letter. Themes around women could vary as could style. From rage to tenderness, politics to the body, motherhood to daughterhood to sisterhood to vaginas, poets were instructed to follow their heart. See here for copy of playbill.

The Alphabet of Women will be published by Ginninderra Press in 2021.

artwork by Grace Felstead
artwork by Grace Felstead