Poetica – feat. Declan Kelly and JR Grogan

Let’s keep the good times rollin’ April 14 at Bondi Bowlo


Music and words: Declan Kelly
Declan Kelly is one of the most respected musicians in Australia. His debut album “Tales From The Neighbourhood” in 2005 gained incredible traction and saw him on the bill of most festivals around the county. His dynamic roots and Polynesian harmonies, heavily influenced by his mother’s Maori heritage, became his signature sound as he went on to release his iconic Midnight Oil celebratory album “Diesel’n’Dub.” In 2019 Declan released his first solo album in 10 years, “Views With A Room”. Filled with questions on masculinity, despondency, heartbreak and so much more, “Views With A Room” is an album of self-reflection and shaping the narrative. Relating to those with real experiences of suicide, mental health issues and emotional isolation, Declan extends a hand to comfort those in distress while seeking solutions to his own troubles, ultimately finding answers in those closest to him. @declankellymusic

Poetry: JR Grogan
JR Grogan is an Irish-Australian poet, who plays a tradesperson and copywriter, and has been based in Sydney, Australia for over 15 years. Like most Irish people, JR was exposed to poetry through secondary level education. He used the influence of Kavanagh, Heaney, Milton (and the grunge scene,) to write lyrics for songs and small poems, regularly reading or writing something contrary to everyone else. His childhood in the Wicklow mountains of Ireland, time in the Mediterranean and his years here in Australia, have all cultivated a fascination, love and admiration for the natural world and a curiosity in the connectivity of all things. In 2020 he had poems published in The Blue Nib and From Whispers to Roars literary magazine. @jr_grogan

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