The Alphabet of Women launch events

The Alphabet of Women is really here. So we are going to launch it – big time. To coincide with International Women’s Day we have a week full of events in Sydney and one in Murwillumbah thanks to Poets Out Loud.

Below are links (click on image) to all the events in order of date:

2 thoughts on “The Alphabet of Women launch events

  1. Hi Miriam Firstly congrats on the publication. Amazing achievement. Well done. A couple of points I have published a book of poems called Looking In and this will be launched on 7 April at 6pm at the Sydney Jewish Museum. It will in fact be an evening of poetry and I will be ‘in conversation’ with Mark Tredinnick and Marcelle Friedman will be chair and also read her poems. Mark will also be reading from his latest publication. So this email is basically an invitation to you. PS is this the best email address to send stuff? I am also requesting a favour. Would it be possible to post an open invitation to attend (RSVP) in a newsletter that you may be putting out ? Cheers Mike So do you have an email address where I can send an invitation and RSVP? Also could I pl


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