Body Poetry

Things change
The rain stops
The flower opens
The moment passes

By Mim (me!) @fourlinesproject
Mapping the body through poetry is back for a second session with the wonderful @idithefer at @sukhamukhayoga and me Miriam on November 2. It’s a two hour session from 9.30am on Zoom. Book here .
In our second Body Poetry workshop we will once again navigate the body through practicing yoga poses, pausing throughout our practice to self enquire and respond using poetry. The theme for this month’s workshop is CHANGE.
Using all our senses we will talk to the body, start a conversation with mind, body and spirit to write short poems.
How do I feel in this pose?
What comes up for me?
Memories might surface, future ideas might unearth.
Rather than these thoughts and feelings just swirling throughout our practice we will bring them to the page and weave poetry from the words that rise.
You will need:
Comfortable clothes
No prior poetry or yoga experience required.

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