The Alphabet of Women

Book cover design by Grace Felstead

“Joy is not made to be a crumb” said the very wise Mary Oliver. I often think of this line from her poem ‘Don’t Hesitate’, and much more so lately. So, in these rather challenging times that continue to twist and turn I want to share that “The Alphabet of Women” @alphabetofwomen will be released January 1, 2022. Soon! And I write this to you with much joy. It’s been a big journey getting this book to the world, these poems to page.
Huge thanks to the poets first and foremost (the Poetica community grew and grew!) who jumped on the alphabet train with me back in 2019. It’s a bit of a beast this project.
Special thanks to the publisher Ginninderra Press for publishing the book. It’s the first book I have edited and it’s a big deal! And to @grace.felstead the wonderful artist who designed the cover.
There are plenty more thank you-s and you can read them in the book.
For now – go get yourself a copy! For local folks and Poetica peeps @gertrudeandalice will have copies soon. You can pre-order now at all the online places including directly from the publisher in link in bio.
Launch will be March 8 on IWD. Mark your diaries!
Thank you to all who have traveled with me getting this book out. You all know who you are. Every single one of you xxxx (if you don’t just ask me )
Hooray for books! Hooray for poetry!
I’m posting the barnesandnoble link because to be honest, imagining this book on a shelf in New York just takes my joy to another level.

Artwork by Grace Felstead

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